Common errors

Since the upgrade to Alma Linux 9.2 we are facing very often the same kind of questions through tickets.

Here are some hints to overcome these hurdels.

intel/oneapi/2023.2.0 modulefiles

To avoid errors please use number versions instead of latest.

If you just loaded for instance intel/openapi/2023.2.0 you are able to see further modulefiles with the module avail command.

intel/oneapi modulefiles

----------------------------------- /cluster/intel/oneapi/2023.2.0/modulefiles -----------------------------------
advisor/2023.2.0        dev-utilities/2021.10.0  icc32/2023.2.1                mkl32/2023.2.0
advisor/latest          dev-utilities/latest     icc32/latest                  mkl32/latest
ccl/2021.10.0           dnnl-cpu-gomp/2023.2.0   inspector/2023.2.0            mpi/2021.10.0
ccl/latest              dnnl-cpu-gomp/latest     inspector/latest              mpi/latest
compiler-rt/2023.2.1    dnnl-cpu-iomp/2023.2.0   intel_ipp_ia32/2021.9.0       mpi_BROKEN/2021.10.0
compiler-rt/latest      dnnl-cpu-iomp/latest     intel_ipp_ia32/latest         mpi_BROKEN/latest
compiler-rt32/2023.2.1  dnnl-cpu-tbb/2023.2.0    intel_ipp_intel64/2021.9.0    oclfpga/2023.2.0
compiler-rt32/latest    dnnl-cpu-tbb/latest      intel_ipp_intel64/latest      oclfpga/2023.2.1
compiler/2023.2.1       dnnl/2023.2.0            intel_ippcp_ia32/2021.8.0     oclfpga/latest
compiler/latest         dnnl/latest              intel_ippcp_ia32/latest       tbb/2021.10.0
compiler32/2023.2.1     dpct/2023.2.0            intel_ippcp_intel64/2021.8.0  tbb/latest
compiler32/latest       dpct/latest              intel_ippcp_intel64/latest    tbb32/2021.10.0
dal/2023.2.0            dpl/2022.2.0             itac/2021.10.0                tbb32/latest
dal/latest              dpl/latest               itac/latest                   vtune/2023.2.0
debugger/2023.2.0       icc/2023.2.1             mkl/2023.2.0                  vtune/latest
debugger/latest         icc/latest               mkl/latest

loaded  modulepath

Error: If you accounter this kind of error when trying to load mkl/2023.2.0

mkl/2023.2.0 loading error message

[<user>@login01 ~]$ module load mkl/2023.2.0
Loading mkl version 2023.2.0

Loading mkl/2023.2.0
  ERROR: No default version defined for 'tbb'
  ERROR: Load of requirement tbb failed

Solution: Try the following loading sequence

loading mkl/2023.2.0 properly

module load compiler/2023.2.1 mkl/2023.2.0

# If you need fast access use
module load intel/oneapi/2023.2.0 compiler/2023.2.1 mkl/2023.2.0

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