Common errors

Since the upgrade to Alma Linux 9.2 we are facing very often the same kind of questions through tickets.

Here are some hints to overcome these hurdels.


Error Message: There are not enough slots available in the system to satisfy the xxx slots that were requested by the application:

additonal output

Solution: Reduce the memory in the line #SBATCH –mem-per-cpu=xxx. It seems that the new Slurm version consumes more memory for its own existence.

Error Message sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Requested node configuration is not available
Solution: This error often (not always) results due a misalignment of the memory request. Please see here for further assistance GOETHE FUCHS

intel/oneapi/2023.2.0 modulefiles

To avoid errors please use number versions instead of latest.

If you just loaded for instance intel/openapi/2023.2.0 you are able to see further modulefiles with the module avail command.

intel/oneapi modulefiles

----------------------------------- /cluster/intel/oneapi/2023.2.0/modulefiles -----------------------------------
advisor/2023.2.0        dev-utilities/2021.10.0  icc32/2023.2.1                mkl32/2023.2.0
advisor/latest          dev-utilities/latest     icc32/latest                  mkl32/latest
ccl/2021.10.0           dnnl-cpu-gomp/2023.2.0   inspector/2023.2.0            mpi/2021.10.0
ccl/latest              dnnl-cpu-gomp/latest     inspector/latest              mpi/latest
compiler-rt/2023.2.1    dnnl-cpu-iomp/2023.2.0   intel_ipp_ia32/2021.9.0       mpi_BROKEN/2021.10.0
compiler-rt/latest      dnnl-cpu-iomp/latest     intel_ipp_ia32/latest         mpi_BROKEN/latest
compiler-rt32/2023.2.1  dnnl-cpu-tbb/2023.2.0    intel_ipp_intel64/2021.9.0    oclfpga/2023.2.0
compiler-rt32/latest    dnnl-cpu-tbb/latest      intel_ipp_intel64/latest      oclfpga/2023.2.1
compiler/2023.2.1       dnnl/2023.2.0            intel_ippcp_ia32/2021.8.0     oclfpga/latest
compiler/latest         dnnl/latest              intel_ippcp_ia32/latest       tbb/2021.10.0
compiler32/2023.2.1     dpct/2023.2.0            intel_ippcp_intel64/2021.8.0  tbb/latest
compiler32/latest       dpct/latest              intel_ippcp_intel64/latest    tbb32/2021.10.0
dal/2023.2.0            dpl/2022.2.0             itac/2021.10.0                tbb32/latest
dal/latest              dpl/latest               itac/latest                   vtune/2023.2.0
debugger/2023.2.0       icc/2023.2.1             mkl/2023.2.0                  vtune/latest
debugger/latest         icc/latest               mkl/latest

loaded  modulepath

Error: If you accounter this kind of error when trying to load mkl/2023.2.0

mkl/2023.2.0 loading error message

[<user>@login01 ~]$ module load mkl/2023.2.0
Loading mkl version 2023.2.0

Loading mkl/2023.2.0
  ERROR: No default version defined for 'tbb'
  ERROR: Load of requirement tbb failed

Solution: Try the following loading sequence

loading mkl/2023.2.0 properly

module load compiler/2023.2.1 mkl/2023.2.0

# If you need fast access use
module load intel/oneapi/2023.2.0 compiler/2023.2.1 mkl/2023.2.0

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